Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HARDCOMERS Define Themselves

Society has a way of using every vehicle possible to shape everyone into the same mold...the average mold...From parents to magazines...even neighbors and friends... each in their own way, do their own part to send the loud as hell message that mediocre! The average person just doesn't really know how to break from the mold...It's not their fault for not knowing....because after all, they are merely average, striving to fit in to the acceptable average mold...and meet those average expectations...But the true HARDCOMER cannot under any circumstances settle for that kind of existence...As the real HARDCOMER grows, they realize how uncomfortable they are with the definitions written by everyone else of who they should be...Those definitions are too fxing confining!!! As a matter of fact, it is impossible for the HARDCOMER to live by those standard boundaries set and written by average minds...Doing so would only create a mental prison for the HARDCOMER...therefore, the HARDCOMER must define themselves...and that is how the rest of us reap the benefits of witnessing extraordinary talents...My advice?...Always come hard!...

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