Saturday, December 18, 2010


On the cover of every magazine is a story retold by a recognizable face...of winning...of losing...of how to play the game...of life...or art...But among the "UNFAMOUS" faces are actually a rare few, who are coming to get it!...They are the unknown HARDCOMERS...and the depth of strength in the heart of the unknown HARDCOMER is the untold story of struggle and making it happen at life and art all at once...The heart of the unknown HARDCOMER cannot be duplicated because it is natural and unique to each HARDCOMER...There is no recipe, formula or model to follow their paths...While some people are born into privilege,on top of the world...and others are carried popularity?...The unknown HARDCOMER arrives at the top spot by climbing the fxn highest mountain with no shoes, and no water...just heart! The unknown HARDCOMER is better prepared to stay at the top once they have arrived, because they have already exercised their brain and heart to the fullest extent while on their journey. My advice?... Always come hard!...

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